Can We Play Fantasy Cricket After the First innings?

Fantasy cricket makes the mark in every corner of the country and now fantasy cricket games in India are coming up with new and exciting features to make the users delighted. The second inning contest is a great initiative taken by the Real11 app. It allows users to join contests for the second innings, giving you freedom to play after the commencement of the match. The general standards for a best fantasy app includes new and exciting features packed with regular offers. The Real11 app happens to follow all the essential norms There are various benefits of a Second Innings Contest. First and foremost is that it allows players to patiently watch the game and analyze in the first half. The second inning contest gives a fair amount of idea where the game is heading towards and the players can create their own teams in a better way. Although second innings contests limit the choices for selecting the batsman, as we can select the batsman and bowlers from one team respectively. The batsman should be selected from the chasing team and the bowlers from the defending team.

That’s the only drawback of the second inning contest. The competition gets relatively¬† tougher in the second inning as it limits the choices of selection. Analysis is very important before making the final decision in fantasy cricket and by keeping all the aspects in mind, if you get confused in decision making then playing in the second inning would be a great option. Sometimes fantasy players miss the deadline of joining a contest. These players can now join the action with the Second Innings Contest. One opportunity is missed, but the other one is up for grabs in the new feature of the fantasy cricket league.

Second Innings contest could prove to be a jackpot for the players, as it gives the idea about the characteristics of pitch and fantasy players can make the teams by respecting the conditions. Initially nobody knows how the surface will react but as the game progresses we get to know about the outcome and nature of the deck. If a team batting first has posted a daunting total in the first inning then it will be quite easy for the players to make the team for the second innings contest. If a team fumbled in the first inning and posted a low total on the board then we will have the opportunity to make the team by considering the low scoring encounter. The second innings contest is a worthy feature and it has less risk than a regular contest. A professional fantasy player traditionally makes his/her teams for both the contests, as they make one team for the full game and the other team for the second half of the game. This is one of the most captivating features of Real11 app and it seeks the attention of the fantasy players who simply love the game of cricket.